POLAH’s Top 5 Games of 2017

Joseph Callau, Staff Writer

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Top 5 Video Games of 2017

This year has been a great and also a bad year for video games. Lots of hits and misses and hidden gems yet to be discovered. But, this year brought us some great games that won many awards and broke all expectations. In order to make this list I asked many people of their favorite game this year and used the ones they thought were the best.

5: Fortnite

Fortnite is a game similar to Player Unknown Battle Grounds as in, has different game modes with the same premise and same types of guns. The only thing different is the price, it’s free which is amazing but has a great microtransactions. But what truly differentiates Fortnite and PUBG is the art style, Fortnite is more cartoonish. Sophomore Nick Naldi had an opinion stating,

“The game is realy fun at the start but the longer you play the more boring it gets, but the game is great to play if you have friends.’’

4: For Honor

At number 4, For Honor is a competitive fighting game that tries to connect with history and realistic fighting styles. There are 3 factions; Knights, Vikings, and Samurais. The single player is a bit lackluster but makes up by having different difficulties.

Sophomore Delavar Lorica stated that, “The gameplay is dope but the thing that really killed it for me was the slow matchmaking and servers. However, the graphics of the game were superb and the fights were intense until the person runs away.” I agree with what he says and believe this game will get better over time.

3: Destiny 2

At number 3, we have Destiny 2. This game is a sequel to the very successful game Destiny made by the company who made the masterpiece that is the Halo series. Destiny 2 has improved, fixed, and builded on what made the original game good While adding additional content. Sophomore Jacob Valin stated that,

“The campaign was great this time and actually had a beginning and an end to it with a good compelling story. Although the gun system is still a little broken, the game is still fun and still competitive.”

I agree that the gun system is broken, but aside the problem, the game is pretty decent all things aside.

2: PUBG (Players Unknown Battlegrounds)

Player Unknown Battle Grounds is a survival, first person shooter, and third person shooter all rapped into one game. The premise of the game is to survive with while 99 other people and a slowly decreasing size of the map that shrinks until there is 1 person is alive. There are  The game has a huge amount of replayability and fun. There are 3 ques; solo, duo, and squads. From my experience, the game is really intense but gets repetitive if played too many times. Besides that, the game runs very well and is full of fun. Junior student Elie Nava wanted to say,

“The game is just like Fortnite but is for some reason better and the game could get really intense in squads or solo. But, the game still suffers from easily becoming repetitive if you play too much.”

1: Cuphead

At number one is Cuphead, a very difficult platformer that takes a lot of skill and patience to enjoy entirely. The art style is different from any other game ever made, most of the characters are hand drawn then animated to do several different things. The game is very difficult to beat and gets even harder as the game progresses. When you beat a stage you really feel like you accomplished something great. Maliki Miller who has played the game had something to say about Cuphead,

Sophomore Rubin Sierra stated, The best part about the game has to be the amazing artstyle and smooth gameplay. But there are only 2 difficulties (simple and regular), despite that the co-op is super fun. The game is super hard and challenging but when you finally win, you feel actually successful at something you did in a game.”

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POLAH’s Top 5 Games of 2017