POLAHS Students Go Offline

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This past September, school counselor Ms. Shummon, decided to conduct an experiment with a group of POLAH students. Following the screening of the film Screenagers, she was curious as to what students would learn about themselves as they go without theirphones for one week.

POLAH students, voluntarily decided to participate in the experiment.  Many were anxious and hesitant to give their phones away, and others had no problem doing it. We asked some of the students to document themselves at home, to see how they were doing so far. We also asked them a series of questions during school, to see their personal progress.

Over the course of one week, we found that many of the students who were anxious about living without their phones, were the ones that learned the most about themselves. Those that were more nonchalant, started to miss their phone more than they predicted. Some students found themselves bonding with their friends and family more often, instead of being focused on using their phones. They also found themselves trying out new things, because they weren’t glued to their device. Others also went to bed earlier, because homework was done more quickly without their phones by their side. This experiment left many students wanting to use their phones less, and enjoy the time to learn more about themselves.