POLAH’s Girl’s Volleyball Team Reflect On Season

Lizbeth Becerra, Staff Writer

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“ MY BALL,” yelled Sav at the top of her lungs as she rushed to the bottom right of the net in a crab motion to get the ball. This year’s JV and Varsity volleyball team of 2017 gave it their all in their previous games. The results aren’t what they expected it to be, but they tried, and they didn’t give up. You can’t throw these girls down because they’ll pick you up and spike you to the other side of the room.

Kaylen Scott is a varsity player who has been been on the team for two seasons. Quitze Gastelum is a sophomore on the JV team. They both have different points of views and they were both looking forward to different things or events during season.

“ I’m looking forward to getting closer to my team and our jackets,” said Scott.  

“ Working with a team and building friendships,” was Gastelum response to the same question I asked Kaylen.

They also have different amounts of experience with volleyball, but they are both really good at the game. However, they were both feeling the same way about tryouts “ I was nervous, but I was also excited. But I had four years of experience and I did the summer program for POLAH,” wrote Scott.  “I was nervous, but all I could do was try my best and see what happens,” said Gastelum.

The way they work is that they always have their head in the game. They kick butt and give it their all, even if they get tired. The fact that they are part of the athletics for POLAH is truly a blessing. They have fans cheering and some maybe even going crazy for them during the games.

On September 18, both JV and varsity teams won their games. Varsity got a 3-0 win against Dymally and JV got a 2-0 win against Dymally. The scores for varsity were sure close, but when our girls want something they will do what it takes till they get it. Even then, volleyball teams do not have anything on us. I don’t mean that literally, but you get the point. Right? Right.

Now that season is over I am pretty positive that these same girls have different responses to the questions I have asked them. This season seemed to have been a very fun season to the girls, according to their social media pages. These girls have made new friends from all grades in this school, and maybe some girls have became best friends. When it comes to sports every player has a different person which they don’t admire as much as others.

In volleyball or in any sport really, they hold a senior night either before or after a game. This year there were five seniors who all played for varsity. Senior night was held on October 11 of 2017. The senior players each got completely different posters from their team. Some even got green, black, white, and gold balloons shaped like stars. All five seniors got flowers though, such as blood red roses and banana yellow sunflowers.