POLAH’s Annual Fall Festival

Angel Munoz and Berenice Achutegui

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Fall Festival is an annual festival where students and staff here at POLAHS dress up in the craziest, spookiest costumes for an afternoon full of fun. The festival is an event hosted on campus that allows students to showcase their costumes and enjoy a variety of events and booths. The event includes a variety of entertainment and interactive games as well as food stands that will be selling various foods and drinks through with the use of tickets, which can be bought with money. The costumes are also a very big part of the event. The students are allowed to wear whatever they want with some restrictions.

Sophomore Dominic Paragus stated that “It was fun. There was a lot of creativity poured into the event.”

There were tons of foods and activities for students and staff to enjoy. For example, one of the most popular booths was the henna stand held by the Biomed club, where people were able to get a beautifully drawn henna. Some other activities included a teacher dunk tank, a haunted hallway, an inner hot air balloon jumper, and of course lots of music to dance to.

Danielle Creal, a junior here at POLAHS, when asked what her favorite thing about Fall Festival was, she said, “My favorite thing was Michael, the DJ. This was the first time Michael was our DJ and he made the time very enjoyable.”

A major part of the Harvest Festival is to include a variety of entertainment. A variety of entertainment was something that last year’s festival excelled in. Keeping the students entertained is crucial in having a successful event.


Although the festival was very successful, it has some criticisms. The festival itself was very enjoyable but the prices varied and were somewhat expensive according to some. Students had a numerous amount of criticisms, some even stating that the school should have just made it a normal minimum day and should have made it optional to stay.

Sophomore Tay Chris stated that “They should’ve just let us leave.”  

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POLAH’s Annual Fall Festival