High School Students Take on the U.S. Government!

Chrischelle Beduya, Staff Writer

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The YMCA is not only a place where you can go out to play your favorite sports or workout, there is also a program called SPPY-WY for those who are interested in youth and government. San Pedro, Palos Verdes, and Wilmington YMCA are just some of the places where they have this program that is available for students who are in high school.

Megan Vidovich, a POLAHS student who is also involved in the program, says that they taught her skills such as “… how to properly debate bills, how proposals and bills are passed in the actual United States government, and how to become confident public speakers.”

Although teenagers are not old enough to be able to have a say in how they want the United States government to be, this is a great way to prepare students and show them a glimpse of how things really go in the government and simpler ways as to how the government really works. They are the future, and some of the students that are in this type of program may continue in the path and may be a part of the United States government when they grow up.

In total, there is around 3,500 delegates and around 175 of those delegates are students who are in the South Bay area. These students are very passionate with making a difference in the world and learning more about how things are really like in the United States government.

Vidovich’s two older sisters were both a part of this program and she has been in this program since the beginning of her freshman year of high school. She is very close to her two siblings and is happy that they can have another things that all three of them can relate to. 

She says, “The best part about the program is learning about everyone’s views and ideas, being able to understand how the government operates, being able to work in the Sacramento Capitol building, and making new friends.” She is very passionate with SPPY-WY and would definitely continue being a part of it for her next two years in high school.”

“I 100% recommend the program. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over California and to enhance your public speaking skills. I have grown so much as a person and public speaker due to this program,” says Vidovich.

All students should be able to see how this program works and it should be a standard that all Southern California schools implement in order to make students aware of how the government works. Students are the future, instead of simply learning about the government, they should have hands on experience about how it truly works. Students are the future, getting them started at a younger age will help their knowledge about the government develop over the years.