Pampering POLAHS Seniors with Dress Giveaway

Maria's Closet Allowed students to Enjoy Prom Without Breaking the Bank

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Prom is known as a time for an unforgettable night of dancing, singing and dressing up, but it’s also known for the high prices it comes with. A ticket for prom costs around $80 and girls spend an average of $250 on their dress. All in all one night of fun can cost a student over $300. For some, this can greatly discourage their motivation to go to prom especially if they are at an economic disadvantage. Others are simply not sure if spending so much is in their interest. In consideration of this, Port of Los Angeles High School staff decided to organize a program supported by Maria’s Closet to provide selected students with a free prom dress!

This year POLAHS hosted an event where high school girls came to the Boys and Girls Club to pick a free prom dress, accessories, makeup and a photo. Among the amazing volunteers and coordinators in this event were Activities Coordinator Pam Costa, event hostess Ronna Luna, various parents, teachers, and student volunteers. Students with good grades and behavior applied for this opportunity and were hand picked by their counselors. Many of these students felt very grateful for this event since they otherwise would not have been able to afford to go to prom.

With a wide smile one senior said, “It was a blessing because I was really struggling about how I’m going to afford my prom dress and how I’m going to get everything done for my senior activities. So this just took a lot of weight off my shoulder and my mom’s shoulders.”

After picking out their dresses and accessories, the girls went up to the stage and took a photo with a sign saying, “I said yes to the dress!” When asked what they thought of their dress one girl exclaimed, “I love it! It’s really cute and really nice!”

Another senior marveled at the details of her dress saying, “I like the sides of it”

This event was an incredible gift for the female students who were thankful to Maria’s Closet and POLAHS.

Senior Brenda Valdez showed her gratitude saying, “I want to say thank you to the donors who made this possible for all of these students. It’s really a blessing opportunity Thanks to you guys, all of these girls will be able to go to prom and just enjoy without having to worry about, ‘Oh I don’t have a dress so I won’t be able to.’”

Now these girls can look forward to prom with one less worry on their minds!