Cheers to the Cheerleaders

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For a while people believed that cheerleading was not considered a sport and many people, even until this day, are not aware of the hard work that cheerleaders put into all of their cheers and stunts. Despite the fact that Port of Los Angeles High School does not have their own football team, and cheerleaders are not allowed to hype everyone up at school football games, the school’s cheerleaders, are still able to support the other teams.

“It bums me out because it seems that people don’t respect us. We put in hard work to be judged by people that have no clue what goes behind this sport to be a cheerleader. You have to be dedicated, be prepared to be kicked in the face by your flyer, and be a team player,” says Haruka Ishii, a POLAHS cheerleader.

“Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I feel that at the end of the day what truly matters is how much work we put in,”  says Montserrat Venegaz.

They practice after school for hours and even on their own time during the summer, when everyone else is out at the beach or going on vacations. It is clear that these girls have been putting all of their hard work and effort to being a part of the team and making sure that every performance is their best performance. These girls have performed in the San Pedro’s Christmas parade, cheered at baseball and softball games, and have participated in multiple competitions. These girls even participated in the CIF cheer championship competition on May 12, 2018 and placed first place in division 4. This was a huge accomplishment for the girls, and it shows that all of their hard work paid off. 

Although winning is a big part in being in the team, the fact that these girls are just together makes being on the team worthwhile. They were able to compete, practice, and be on the team with girls they would have never met if it weren’t for the sport they love the most, cheer.

Ishii says, “The best part about being on the team is having long term friends and making memories that you can’t just make by going to school. You meet people that you would have never met and been friends with.”