First Year of High School As A Freshman

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POLAHS freshman Josef Eversole                             POLAHS freshman Jose Mateo


Freshman year of high school can be an intimidating, but also very exciting experience. This year marks the beginning of a long, and difficult, but exciting journey. There are hundreds of opportunities and it is important to put yourself out there and make the best of your first year.

Making the transition from middle school to high school can be very difficult for some but it is important to remember that it is a chance to start over, meet new people, and much more. Joining a club or being in a sports team, even if you’re shy or afraid, can be a new experience and it is always good to put yourself out there by trying new things. It’s likely that your going to encounter some people or even some teachers that you are not going to like, but it’s all part of the experience.

POLAHS freshman Josef Eversole says, “I think POLAHS is an overall good school, although I wish it was bigger and had things like basketball courts for the students, but the school is still good for learning.”

Besides the stress inducing work, high school is only the start to a new path. High school is an adjustment, there will be a lot of stress placed on you because parents, teachers, etc expect a lot, so it is very important to make the most out of it. Whether it is going to tutoring, taking extra classes, etc it’s essential to keep going and trying to make the most of your freshman year and taking advantage of all the opportunities presented.

POLAHS freshman Jose Mateo said, “It’s a good school and I like it very much… but I wish it had a gym like the one in the Boys and Girls Club, for the students.”

Although high school may seem difficult and stressful, many freshman like these are finding their way in a new school, with new people, and new challenges, and though they wish a few things were different, they are choosing to have a positive attitude at the start of this journey. The lesson here is to understand that you’ve got a long road ahead and its best to adjust your point of view and attitude in order to make the best of any situation.