Mrs. Moon is 2017-2018’s Teacher of the Year

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Mrs. Moon is 2017-2018’s Teacher of the Year

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On May 4th, Port of Los Angeles High School announced Mrs. Moon, a 10th-grade History teacher, as the winner of the “Teacher of the Year” award. Many are proud of her for this honor as well as the diligent work she has shown throughout the years.

Mrs. Moon has assiduously worked as an educator for 13 years, eight of which were spent at POLA. Mrs. Moon said that she feels very honored and humbled to receive this unexpected award. “It means a lot [to win this award] because there are really good teachers at this school,” she said.

Mrs. Moon was not always the teacher she is today. At the beginning of her career path, she was pursuing to become a lawyer but soon realized that was not her passion. Later on, she decided to work towards becoming a math teacher but also met the same fate. At last, she had discovered her vocation to teach History.

Then the time had come, to prepare her first History lesson. She felt, in her own words, as a “nervous wreck” but then later grew accustomed to her students and has progressed ever since.

She loves doing what she does, especially at this school since she says that it is a “dream school.” But not only that, she enjoys having the opportunity to improve as a professor when she said, “I have become a better teacher because when older students come back and tell me ‘I remember this’, it becomes a big indication that my methods worked and that they understood the material.”

Another teacher, Mrs. Liverpool, also agreed that Mrs. Moon has improved enormously from the time she first started teaching to now. Mrs. Liverpool stated, “I think Mrs. Moon has always reflected a lot on her own teaching and so she’s always developing lots of creative lessons.”

Students have also agreed that Mrs. Moon is very hard-working and deserving of the award. One of the many students is Diego Morales (10th grader). Morales has Honors World History, one of the three classes that Mrs. Moon teaches. Diego stated, “I think Mrs. Moon deserves teacher of the year award because she proved herself very capable of teaching a regular, AP, and Honors History class. Not only that, but she puts a lot of time and effort into organizing the Holocaust Museum for her students each year.”

Not only does Mrs. Moon care for all students, but she also assists other teachers when they need guidance. As Mrs. Liverpool states, “Mrs. Moon has a lot of skill working with special and different populations. So she helps, not just me but the department and the other teachers,” and then added on by saying, “But in our department, she’s worked tirelessly to get more writing happening in the History classes and this developed a lot of the writing kind of program used in History for all grade levels.

In addition, Mrs. Liverpool believes Mrs. Moon has always deserved the “Teacher of the Year” award every year by stating gladly, “I think Mrs. Moon earns this award every year. She’s probably one of the hardest working colleagues that I’ve ever had the privilege to serve with.”